Certifications Naeko


Both NAEKO LOGÍSTICS and NAEKO HANDLING have OEA certification (AEOF status) since 2013.

Likewise, NAEKO has customs authorizations such as ADT, DAP, DDA and LAME, with customs offices 0801 Barcelona-Airport (NAEKO HANDLING), 0841 Barcelona-Road (NAEKO LOGÍSTICS) and 2801 Madrid-Airport (NAEKO HANDLING MADRID ).

At the sanitary level, NAEKO is registered in the SANITATION REGISTRY OF INDUSTRIES AND FOOD PRODUCTS OF CATALONIA (RSIPAC) with Code 40 authorized activity, and authorization for the storage and management of goods with ECO certification issued by the CCPAE (Catalan Authorities)

Quality Naeko


Both in the facilities of Barcelona and Madrid, and as a result of the emphasis always placed on security for customer goods, NAEKO has TAPA FSR certifications guaranteeing the safety of goods.

NAEKO’s main facilities in Barcelona are certified by BUREAU VERITAS for compliance with GDP regulations.

As a company that is committed to an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy, NAEKO is in the process of obtaining “B CORP” certification, thus guaranteeing compliance with high social and environmental standards, as well as a commitment to corporate transparency and accountability.

Quality Naeko
Quality Naeko
Quality Naeko