Handling Barcelona

Located in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona), just 7 km from the cargo terminal of Barcelona-El Prat Airport, NAEKO HANDLING provides services as an offline handling terminal for airlines and forwarders.

NAEKO HANDLING facilities have rollers and pits for the unloading and loading of air freight carriers, either by means of PMG, PAG, FLA or PLW pallets (among others) or in air containers (AKE, AMP, AMA, etc).

In connection with SITA and dependence on Customs at Barcelona Airport, and in compliance with regulations, NAEKO has an X-ray Scanner and a security guard and dog team for the security of goods.

Handling Madrid

Located in the “Corredor del Henares”, in the heart of logistics and electronic commerce

NAEKO HANDLING provides offline handling services (both import and export) to airlines or forwarders. From pick-ups and deliveries in terminal, to securing cargo or packaging and handling of all kinds

All this in connection with SITA and dependence on Customs at Madrid Airport.

Additionally, the NAEKO HANDLING facilities in Madrid are designed for the management of valuable goods, in compliance with TAPA FSR “A” safety standards, as well as any necessary service or handling (packing, kitting, software updates, etc.)