NAEKO HANDLING supports “Carga Aérea Ayuda Covid-19” campaign

NAEKO HANDLING supports “Carga Aérea Ayuda Covid-19” campaign

As part of the “Carga Aérea Ayuda Covid-19” campaign promoted by the MADCARGO forum in collaboration with the NGO “Mano a Mano”, from the NAEKO HANDLING facilities at the Adolfo Suárez International Airport in Madrid-Barajas is being finalized, this week, the distribution of 20,000 gloves contributed thanks to the solidarity of INJOO TECHNOLOGY through the managers of NAEKO HANDLING, as well as 1,000 self-protection gowns acquired with the funds of the campaign in which, in solidarity, participate several executives and companies of the air cargo sector.

These deliveries, managed entirely altruistically by several companies of the MADCARGO forum that, as in the case of NAEKO HANDLING, make their facilities altruistically available to them and trained in order to help in the fight against COVID’19 are addressed , in its entirety, to nursing homes, dependency centers and groups of special vulnerability that require this material.

After the distribution of 16,000 masks, 20,000 gloves and 1,000 gowns, we are waiting to receive a new batch of 100,000 gloves that are currently traveling to our country, and which have been purchased in full thanks to the € 25,000 that in form of disinterested contributions from both companies and individuals, has received the campaign.

Mano a Mano” makes available to all those companies and individuals who want to participate in the campaign, the account ES42 2038 1919 1460 0013 2156 which, under the concept “Carga Aérea Ayuda COVID’19” is channeled aid to purchase self-protection items for the most vulnerable groups.

Once again, we remember that the contribution of all is vital in this struggle that, without a doubt, we will overcome with the help of the whole society.

You can find more information about the campaign at: